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"Content is King, But Context is God." 

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Our friend Gary Vaynerchuk said that back in 2016 ... and we agree

That is why we partnered to launch Anthology Avenue, a modern online magazine for people in all stages of their lives. Why does this matter?

We intend to be the hub for people looking for relationship advice, gift ideas, parenting tips, workout guidance, and financial tips. Here, the content will be king

The god will come from the fact that our content will be constructed to help everyone tell their life story, to guide them and inform their lives. And put together live better lives. Together, we will tell our Anthology. 

For our clients, this means an opportunity to engage a unique, vibrant, and in-touch audience with one-of-a-kind messaging, brand-new advertising tactics, and partnership opportunities designed to get your brand in front of the best customers at scale.  

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With our unique audience, sometimes the best solution is to advertise to them. We have unique options to put key advertising messages onto either across the site or one unique content buckets targeted specifically to your target market. 

Sponsored Content Partner

Sponsored Content

When you engage with Sprout Media, one of the unique solutions we can bring is opportunities for "sponsored content" or what the news calls "native content." It's basically fun, engaging content designed as news and information for your target audience on

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

If you're looking for more than just ads and more than just sponsored content, we have other great options to build longer-term and larger strategic partnerships for you and your company. The sky is the limit with our strategic partnerships to extend your brand on

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We'd love to hear from you about your interest in Anthology. Whether you want unique advertising, sponsored content options, or just want to brainstorm partnership ideas ... we want to hear from you! With the right content, we can make you King (or Queen)!

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