Engage. Sprout.

Our mission is to engage your audiences and help you sprout.

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We Sprout.

From planning and strategy, design and development, all the way through to implementation and execution, we partner with passionate brands around the country in the creation of creative marketing campaigns.

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Our Approach

We believe the old way of doing things is over. With the advent of a mobile device in everyone’s hand, we are in the midst of a once-every-50-years shift in consumption. And if you don't adjust your marketing, you are going to get left behind. 

We believe in doing things differently. Not to be different, but because by being different, you can gain the attention you need to drive your business. 

Every business has a unique story to tell. And we work to build, maintain, and expand those unique brand stories.


Marketing strategy is the brains behind cultivating your customers. It is the how and the why behind all the tactics like Facebook Advertising, Snapchat Stories, live events, lead generation, and nurturing campaigns.

With the right strategy, we set your company on the path to quality customer interactions which drive towards desired ROI results. A few of the services we provide are: Strategic Planning, Crisis Planning, Brand Development (which includes brand research, visual identity creation, logos, etc.), Brand Positioning and Messaging, and Customer Engagement Mapping. 




After a comprehensive marketing strategy is developed, we take the plan and build the elements to make it grow. Whether it is creative writing, social content, video production, website development, and digital advertising, we have you covered. 

The benefit of working with Sprout Media is that our team is connected with and understands the intricacies of all the social networks as well as mobile website design and user experience. We understand how the unique combination of paid, earned, and owned media assists in the overall marketing strategy. 

In the end, our marketing approach utilizes and believes in finding where we can gain the most valuable attention from our target customers. That means we utilize Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques, blogging, e-mail marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Yep, we create unique targeted content which drives customers to take action. 


When you combine the right strategy with the right creative your marketing really begins to thrive. That's Sprout's sweet spot. Sprout believes the execution of the strategy is the magic ... it is only when you combine the creative content with targeted strategy that you can activate your audience. We do this a few ways: Community Management, Reputation Management, Lead Generation, Customer Service, Engagement Campaigns, and optimizing for the results you need to make your business thrive. 


Our Team

The brands we build are setup to redefine expectations, inspire action, grow the business, and develop and cultivate long-term relationships with your clients and customers.

Our mission is to build stories that engage and brands that last.




Our team has over 20 years of marketing experience in everything from print media, social media, advertising, and marketing and brand strategy. 


websites built

Whether it was an eCommerce site on the Shopify platform or a custom-built WordPress site, our team was adventurous in 2017.



In 2017 alone, our team managed over $15,000 in advertising dollars for our clients in support of their business.


"Working with Sprout Media was the best move I could have made for my business.  My website is more sleek, and more amazing looking than I ever could have imagined.  Every idea I had was incorporated as well as them guiding me through the things I didn't know anything about.  Business has picked up since working with Sprout and this is because of the things they have done for me.  Would recommend 15/10 every time."

Joe Lowry, Owner, Lowry Leather / See the Lowry Leather Case Study