SMarketing Session

Our SMarketing session brings together our team of marketing experts (both strategy and creative) and members of your team in a deep dive of everything marketing for your company.

The end result of the SMarketing Session is a detailed report on your marketing and branding and a proposed path forward. This can take many forms, either branding, marketing strategy, digital strategy, or everything marketing. Typically, the SMarketing Session is the first part of a larger client project.

Our Smarketing Session is an in-depth workshop which will yield deep insights into your business and present opportunities for improvement, growth, and strategic engagement inside and outside of your business. Our team, including our CEO, will be there to discuss and share everything we’ve learned from working with clients large and small in an effort to educate you and your team and prepare you for the future.

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SMarketing Session

Taking Your Business an Extra Step Forward

Gather Business Intel

The best way for our team to support your team, is to understand the business, inside and out. This means learning your processes, your past efforts, your brand story, and your competition.

Discuss the Current & Future States

In order to help you develop the best plan for moving forward, we’re going to learn about how you’re currently operating. It is through these conversations where we will begin to inform our future recommendations.

Share Our Expertise

Our favorite part of our SMarketing sessions is to just sit and talk with you. Let you ask us questions, talk about branding and marketing and social media and video marketing. It’s your chance to pick our brains on anything and everything! So long as there is coffee or beer, we can stay for hours!