Which Social Network is Right For My Business?

If you've looked into using any social media network to advertise and promote your business, you know there are many (probably too many) choices to be made, often without enough information or guidance.

But the question remains for you and your business: How do you choose the network that will be the best for your business? It may seem impossible but with the proper research and strategy, and quite a bit of patience, the correct answer should be fairly obvious.   

Our Marketing 101 Advice

Ask yourself a few questions before you jump into any social network with both feet:

  • Who on your team will manage the content creation?
  • Who will manage the posting?
  • How will you handle customer engagement and online customer service? 
  • Will it be a Millennial or a seasoned long-term employee?

Social media is not just putting words on a screen and hitting submit. There is visual support, analytics, and customer engagement.

And then once you do get started, it is important to constantly analyze your marketing efforts to understand what is happening and why. Then once you figure out which online platform is right for your business and your customers, double-down on that strategy.

Of course all businesses are different. If one social network works for one business, it is no guarantee it will work for the next one. The sheer size of Facebook's user base makes theirs the one social network you need to experiment with. From there, there are plenty of them to play with: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest ... it is an endless list.

To minimize the odds of a social media failure, make sure you have a strategy for all your efforts. Give it enough time to sprout, but cut it off when it's clear that strategy isn't working. 

At Sprout, we are big believers in testing, testing, testing, and then executing a plan. That's what we do. Good luck! 

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