The Beginning of Sprout Media

Why Sprout Media? Why do we think we can be players in a very competitive business? Because we are different. We think different. We work different. And it is that difference that makes all the difference.

Our team at Sprout Media consists of three main marketers with a fairly disparate backgrounds. Richard Dedor, a marketer at heart who has worked at companies like VaynerMedia, and Register Media and who has also consulted at the US Open for the United States Tennis Association. Steve Adams, who has held various roles for multiple clients all over the United States, and also worked at the US Open in New York City as a Social Sponsor Manager. And myself, Adam Viet. I’m our Director of Business Development who has worked in the recruiting industry for years and have kept my pulse on digital trends and the power of this space to create incredible customer experiences.

I can say one of my passions is building businesses and then dissecting the way those businesses are built. At the heart of this company is helping businesses gain more customers and clients by utilizing the resources they already use and those they may not know about. I love meeting new people and building relationships.  

In all actuality, Sprout Media actually started around 2006. I was a college athlete at the University of Northern Iowa and Richard was a Public Relations major interviewing me for the program for the next basketball game. I thought we hit it off pretty well. He moved on to Kansas City and then to New York City. We kept in touch as he wrote two books, ran a marathon, and eventually moved back to Des Moines! We have always talked about starting a business together and have had many ideas (all of them the best we’ve ever had!), but we came back to one: Sprout Media.

We genuinely care about maximizing the avenues that every business has to increase their bottom line. We genuinely care about helping in any way we can. We care about those businesses “sprouting” into what they have the potential to become. Thrive on.

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