Make 2017 Your Year!

Des Moines, Iowa. The capital of Iowa. The self proclaimed capital of the insurance industry.

Also, an amazing place to live! What you wouldn't expect it to be would be the capital of marketing innovation. We are here to change that! As a brand new marketing company we have done hours and hours of research not only on the local market, but national as well.

What we have found is quite telling: marketing has not advanced and evolved as quickly as business has. That changes today. 

Today, Sprout Media is here to challenge everything you think about marketing. We're not going to get rid of your website or your online reviews; all of those are important. 

What we are going to do is challenge you. For instance, what if we determined you were one Facebook campaign, one video, one SnapChat filter, or one email campaign away from massive success? Would you be willing to jump on that opportunity? 

Are you a Realtor?

You've made the decision to become a full time realtor because, you enjoy the process and quite frankly, the market is fantastic right now! But in this competitive space, you have to differentiate yourself from the dozens of other agents. How do you do that? There are plenty of ways, but one that we don't believe is utilized enough is video. Think about it, you could potentially sell a house without even showing it! It's definitely not that simple, and there is more than turning the camera on that goes into making a successful video, but that could potentially happen. Interested

You are, or you work for, a non-profit:

Non profit's are another area that we think are under utilizing the power of social media. There are so many ways to differentiate yourself from the "competition" and we all know the success of the #IceBucketChallenge from 2015 and the drive to raise funds for ALS. 

Or perhaps you're a boutique store: 

We're a boutique marketing agency (for now) and we love that. That makes us agile and able to adjust our path based on the latest tools to engage customers and potential customers. When you're the "new kid in town", you have to generate word of mouth for your business. And no matter what happens to Facebook, or Twitter, or Google, word of mouth marketing will always be the most important and valuable to your success. But don't forget about all the other tools which can help you: like search engine marketing (to make sure people shopping for your products can find you), hyper-targeted social ads (let them find you when they are close by!), and email marketing. Small businesses thrive on repeat customers so make it easy for them to come back! 

We believe in a holistic view of marketing and love helping businesses reach their full potential. We're a marketing agency ready to jump on the next trend to help your business succeed.