Can Video Help My Business?

If you're unsure, then let me answer that question for you: Yes! When you take a look at your Facebook News Feed, you'll likely see it littered with mothers and fathers posting videos of their kids playing with their new Christmas toy. Perhaps you're a Snapchat user who receives dozens of updates from friends and family in the fun 10 second video clips. 

The fact is that video has become the norm in today's society.  If your business has not yet started to use video in your marketing maybe these numbers will change your mind: 

Snapchat: 10 Billion Daily Views.  The video views on Snapchat have now surpassed those of Facebook. 60% of all mobile users now have a Snapchat account. 

Facebook - 8 Billion Daily Video Views. In 2016, video posts on Facebook had a 135% greater reach than photo posts. 

Twitter - Periscope, Twitter's video tool, came into service in 2015 and they say that users watch over 110 years of live video per day

The reach of your social accounts are a very big contributor to your marketing strategy success. In 2016, video increased that reach and is only expected to increase more in 2017. Food for thought: 92% of mobile users have shared video content with others.  Are they sharing yours

Video, especially live video, is just sprouting and in the early stages of it's maturity. If you're looking for ways to expand and increase sales and awareness, this is the space you need to be in!  


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