What to Watch For in the Super Bowl Ads

While not everyone is excited about the big game this weekend, everyone continues to look forward to the Super Bowl ads. 

Over the years, we have seen Budweiser and Pepsi own the night, but in the past few years, we've seen extremely creative executions from Doritios, Dove, and even ETrade. We remember the ones that make us laugh and make us think. 

And while none of our clients will be buying television advertising for the Super Bowl, that doesn't change an important piece of all marketing plans: strategy

Whether it is Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram ads, Snapchats, video, or brochures, your marketing must tell a story. And when you know what story you want to tell, it must fit in with your brand. 

As you enjoy Super Bowl XLI, enjoy the ads, but do something more: Head over to Twitter and Facebook to see if the brands are engaging with fans and consumers around their ad. See if they are posting content that connects back to their just shown ad. 

Case in point: If anyone was watching New Year's Rockin' Eve a few weeks ago, you're certain to have noticed Planet Fitness was a major sponsor of the Times Square celebration. However, their social channels were silent. 

Marketing is a story. It is an extension of your brand. In all cases, ensure your marketing messages are connected, cohesive, and resonate with your consumers and prospective customers.