Why User Experience Matters

If a user of a product has a bad experience, it leaves a taste in their mouth. So why give them one?

I was recently talking to some friends about an experience my husband and I had when we lived in New York City. Long story short, poor customer service lead to a terrible experience at our favorite ice cream shoppe. Afterwards, I went to Foursquare (now Swarm) and left a very detailed comment on our experience.

The thing is, customer experience is vitally important to any business, especially small businesses. All I wanted to do was inform the team what happened so it could be better the next time and for the next customer. And perhaps they improved. But they didn’t tell me. They didn’t engage back with me. Just silence. And we’ve never been back.

A user’s experience is not just when they are in your store, driving your car, eating your food, or browsing your website. It is all of that and more. Any time a user experiences your brand, it matters.

For example:

  • While ago, mobile ESPN.com eliminated their pop-up ad for users. Recently, it has come back. Terrible. You’ve interrupted my experience.
  • Who likes autoplay videos on news websites? No one.
  • Any company which has eCommerce needs to be asking themselves the question: is the purchase process as simple as it can be?

User experience should always be something companies large and small think about. Customers want their experiences to be easy, seamless, and engaging. And above all, customers want to feel like they matter. That means acknowledging all feedback online; Facebook Reviews, Twitter, Google Reviews; it all matters to customers. Give each one an amazing experience. 

That is where marketers come in; using data and experience, and of course user testing, to ensure your customers have the best experience with your brand as possible.

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