The Benefit Of Emoji's.

Emoji’s have been around since 1999 (I'm not kidding) and have increased in popularity every year since that time. Early on everyone thought Emoji's were mostly a fad, but they have become a powerful way to communicate. Our ancestors would be so proud of us! However you feel about emoji’s the stats don’t lie.

In March of 2016 emoji's were used in 777% more social campaigns than just one year before.  

Recently, here in Iowa, the Universities have started to get into the emoji game. In the last two weeks The University of Iowa, Iowa State University, The University of Northern Iowa, and Drake University all have had their own emoji app released in Apple’s App Store. These applications act as an add-on to your phone’s keyboard and allow you to send logo’s, school flags, mascots, and more as text, tweets, status updates, and comments.

Sure, people are using emoji’s more and more, but what are the benefits for your business? What if I told you that brands who use emoji's in the subject line of the emails sent to customers are getting a 45% increase in unique open rates? Does that sound like a good enough reason to, at least, think about using an emoji or two?

Benefits of using emoji's

  • Twitter only gives you 140 characters to get your point across to your followers. Using emoji's in your tweets gives you more characters to use. For example the word pizza is 5 characters. Use the pizza slice emoji and it only counts as one!  
  • When posting a comment on Instagram, using emojis will let you post more characters without forcing your audience to tap the “more” link to read the entire caption.
  • Another great example of how the use of emoji's can be beneficial is while sending pictures and videos with Snapchat and Instagram Stories. You definitely don’t want to cover the picture or video up with too many words, so why not find a creative way to use emoji's!

With any new communication or new social network, there will have to be some trial and error. Some things will work and some won't. But, we don’t think emoji's can be completely ignored if your business is sending numerous emails, tweets, status updates, or Snaps to customers. Find what works, utilize it in your messages, and Thrive On