Website Marketing 101

What is important in designing a website? What matters? What doesn't? Does a website really need to be mobile friendly? What does Google say about website design? Oh, and is a logo really that important

Those are a few of the key questions we think about and ask clients when designing a website for our clients. 

In thinking about what is important in designing a new website, here are a few things to always keep top of mind: 

Hidden Elements Matter

  • Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important things you need to focus on in building and managing your website. 
    • Every image on the web has a hidden text field for search and impaired viewers of your site. Google will penalize you if this field is left blank. 
    • It isn't the most important thing anymore, but you still must have a Title, Keywords, and a Description on every page of your website. This is part of how Google and other search engines will find you. 
    • Lastly, your must implement Open Graph integrations. This can get complicated, but these integrations assist with your fans and customers who share your content online. 

Mobile is King

  • Google will absolutely penalize your website if it provides a poor mobile experience.
  • Our content network, Anthology Avenue, sees an incredible amount of mobile traffic compared to desktop and tablet. Not every business is the same, but it's likely true that mobile is a significant portion of your total traffic. 

Understand Your Customer

  • The hardest thing in designing a website and talking about branding is that you can often get lost in designing the website for you and not your customer. Never forget who your audience is. 

Understand Your Brand

  • Finally, there are a lot of decisions to be made in relation to the design of the website. Do you want a classic design, modern, chic, minimalist, or crazy-creative? Then you have to decide about fonts, photos, layout, and menu, and so much more! When you understand your brand and the experiece your customers expect, this becomes easier. 

Websites are sometimes the first thing your customers are going to see about you. Make sure they like what they see, they find what they want, and that they want more.