Case Study: Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement

College Marketing


The Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement began in late 2014 with a focus less on being an "honor society" and more on providing tomorrow's leaders with a belief and passion to provide students the opportunity to learn their strengths and develop their passions through experience and meaningful relationships with peers and mentors. 

Sprout Media was brought in to support the growth of the Society with content creation and community management of their social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. Our team also guided SCLA on the usage of e-mail marketing, text message marketing, and other key engagement tactics. 


Our work with SCLA has been a successful partnership from the start. Since we began, we have grown the social channels of SCLA via predominantly organic community engagement. Our content strategy has provided interesting content  with perceived value to the target students all the while maintaining high-levels of social engagement. 

  • Grew Facebook organic following over 400% in the first two years.
  • Grew Linked In 120% in two years, with high engagement rate.
  • Positioned SCLA as the "go-to place" for collegiate success.
Social Media Content Creation