Don't Break the Bank on Super Bowl Night

The Super Bowl. The biggest game of the NFL season and some would say the biggest game of the year in any sport!

In 1967, the first Super Bowl was played to crown the best football team in the country. This game -- like all the others to follow -- was shown on television so naturally there were commercials during timeouts and stoppage of play. These commercial slots were valued at around $42,000. As the years went on and more people started watching this game, that dollar figure climbed. In 2007, companies paid $2.7 million for a 30-second commercial slot. And this year companies could pay up to $5.5 million per 30-second spot.  

Do people actually watch these commercials? I’m sure they do. They’ve gotten to be almost as big of an event as the game itself. This year, select companies have even produced trailers and have subsequently “leaked” previews for those commercial junkies who just couldn’t wait until Sunday.

Does your business have to pay $5.5 million to have a successful Super Bowl night? Absolutely not! With Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, and Snapchat you can have a successful night for a fraction of that cost; or even for free!

How you might ask?

You’re one timely placed ad, one clever hashtag, or one social campaign away from bringing home a “trophy” of your own! As my fellow Sprouter said in a previous blog post, tell a story, gain attention, and engage!

Here are some of our favorite Super Bowl ads. What are yours? Connect with us on Twitter and let us know!  

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