The Purpose of Digital Display Ads

We recently asked on our Twitter what the goals and purpose of digital display ads should be for companies large and small. 

Here were the results: 

It started an interesting discussion in the office about display ads in general. The thing is, display ads can and should serve all those purposes. 

Brand Awareness: Any type of advertising is good for brand awareness. Using Google Display Ads for this goal requires strategic targeting and constant analysis to ensure the right people are seeing your ads. 

Loyalty Acquisition: This can be a difficult goal to achieve, but if you have a strong data system to assist you in finding and engaging your loyalists, this is where the magic can (and should) happen. 

Content Awareness: This is similar to brand awareness above, but if you're utilizing a content strategy to build and support your brand, sometimes that requires you to develop advertising campaigns which drive the awareness of your great digital content. 

All forms of advertising can typically achieve any and all goals, but it takes a strong marketing strategy behind it to get the best bang for your buck.