Why You Need To Monitor Your Social Profiles

Recently, I spent some time perusing through the Twitter accounts that we follow to see if there were any small businesses that we could offer some quick advice to. We love jumping in and offering support (oftentimes for free) when we can because we believe in what we do.

I came across a brewery that I had never heard of which surprised me because I'm typically in the know! After clicking through to the actual profile I read some of their tweets and took a look at some of the graphics/pictures they had tweeted and after spending several minutes, I realized I hadn’t checked where they were located. So I scrolled back up to their bio and read two words, “Craft Beer.” I looked back through some of their pictures and tweets to see if they mentioned anything about their location in recent posts. Nothing.

I went back farther, and still nothing.

Putting myself in the shoes of a potential customer I was baffled that, at least the city wasn’t mentioned. I am a big fan of Twitter, so that’s the social network that I spend most of my time on. In a usual scenario, I wouldn’t have gone to Instagram or Facebook to find out if they were making the same mistake there. They aren’t, but they would have completely lost me as a customer because they didn’t have their Twitter profile complete.

We tell our clients all the time to only use a social network that you have time to use the correct way. We also add, you must have all the relevant information on that account as well.

Think about it: If I was in this brewery’s town and looking for a new spot for me and a couple friends to have a beer that night? My friends and I could have possibly became weekly customers and we wouldn’t have even known it was in our town!

Update: I connected with the brewery and mentioned they should let their followers know where they’re located and they did so immediately. :)