So, You Don't Want To Do Social Media?

Question: Do you need social media to support your business?

Answer: Yes. And no.

If you’re … Target lets say. You made it this far. You’re doing okay. Social media (we believe) is still a must have. But it’s not quite a deal breaker. It can be a part of your larger strategy and maybe for this holiday season, it is not the main focus. Maybe your app is, or maybe you’re focused on customer experience. (By the way, the new stores look great!)

If you’re a new company, new restaurant, new musician, then this is not even a question.

Yes! You have to have social media.

We receive business inquiries every week. It’s a part of being a digital agency in Des Moines who serves clients across the country. But this inquiry was different.

This particular prospect needed help dropping an EP (extended play album). So, we sent over a few questions and started brainstorming. First things first, we are a digital marketing agency. That’s our bread-and-butter. We tackle other areas as clients desire, but this is our focus.

By the end of the email exchanges, this prospect said, “Thanks, but no thanks.” I don’t want anything to do with social media.

And that’s fine. But to drop an EP, you either need to build a following online, or spend crazy money to physically put your music into people’s hands.

It is the same thing with business. You can spend pennies on the dollar telling people about your business, reminding them to come back and shop, and reaching your leads, or you can ignore them and let someone else grab their attention. Your call.

Our team of Sprouters believes that online, digital media isn’t the future. It’s now. We also believe in being strategic and stealthy when needed. It’s never a one-size-fits-all.

But it certainly isn’t a place or a time to say no to social media if you’re just starting out. And that’s our digital advice for the day.