Responding to Comments and Messages on Social Media

As a marketing agency we’ve reviewed plenty of companies marketing, advertising, and social media strategies. One aspect that we constantly see forgotten or pushed aside is responding to comments and messages from fans and followers. This is easily one of the easiest ways to engage with your customers and still, a lot of businesses are failing to do it!

As a business your social media accounts are an extension of you. Not responding to a comment is like not saying thank you to someone who gives you a compliment to your face. It’s makes it seem like you do not care about an upset customer or someone telling the public that you are good at what you do. If we haven’t gotten your attention yet, here are a few more reasons this is so important.

Everyone is Watching

Whether on your website or on your Facebook page, the comments can typically be seen by everyone! Thanking someone for giving your business a five-star rating on Facebook shows that you truly do appreciate a customer taking the time to do that. This can be seen by all of their Facebook friends and will put your business name in front of them as well.

Getting a negative comment or rating is no different. Whatever the reason for the negative comment, if you truly want to make things right, it will resonate with others. Showing that you want to make things better goes a long way!

It’s a Great Time to Sell

As we mentioned, receiving a comment or message is one of the best ways to engage with a customer. Say you get a five-star rating from Greg. You go back through your orders and see Greg ordered a set of wooden kitchen spoons from you. Your response could read something like this…

“Thank you so much for the great rating Greg! We see you just ordered a set of spoons and wanted to let you know one of our most popular products are our wooden bowls. And they just happen to be 30% off this month! Let us know if you have any questions on any of our other products.”

Get a complaint about your product? Always take the high road (remember, everyone is watching!) and apologize and try to work something out with them that is in their favor. The negative publicity of an upset customer is usually never worth it.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Responding to comments and messages is far too often forgotten about. With that being said, if you’re really good at it, (maybe even if you’re just average at it) you could really stand out from your competition. People will start talking about your business and talking back to you and your business with soar above the rest!

If all of this sounds easy to you, think again. This takes a huge time commitment, but is absolutely worth every minute if done properly!