Home Builder Marketing; Marketing Insights for Home Builders

Not only is the consumer rapidly changing how they consume media, they are changing how they shop for homes, too. It is only natural given the continuing change in how consumers use media. Facebook ran a study during the Super Bowl that reported that of those who watched, 95% of them had their mobile phones sitting next to them during the game. 

How people home buyers shop

And this impacts your business at its core as a home builder. But you still have an opportunity to not get left behind. 

Here are a few tips for you to act on today to ensure your shoppers know who you are, remember you, take tours of your homes, and decide to buy from you! 

In a study from Zillow, they found that the median age of a home buyer is 36 years old. 

One of the stats that stood out to us: 

42% of home buyers are Millennials!

Not only that, but at least a quarter of all home buyers are finding their agents online. Not from referrals or from a previous relationship ... just from searching and social media.

 Marketing Tips for Home Builders: 

How home shoppers shop

Target Your Buyer: If you want a first-time home buyer; consider marketing to a targeted group of renters. 52% of buyers consider renting while they shop for their new home. That number is even higher for younger buyers. 

Online. Online. Online. No matter the age, 87% of buyers use online resources (Facebook, Twitter, Zillow, Realtor, and Your Website). 

Be Active. 58 Percent of Millennials use their social networks for advice and insight. Make sure they know about you and that they have a good experience with you. 

Finally, it is important to understand how people are actually shopping for a home. Check out the chart below: 

How people shop for a home

From a marketing perspective, what this chart tells us is that online presence is vital, as is solid relationships with agents, good signage, an active referral program; all of which are tied together in a cohesive marketing strategy.

The only way to approach marketing for home builders or real estate agents is to look at the whole picture to ensure you are always doing the best you can at marketing your product to your target audience at the right time with the right message.