Is Facebook Dying?

There have been a few reports of late describing the beginning of the end for Facebook. 

First, a key cohort recent exited the world's leading social network at a rate never before seen

Then, Snapchat reported increased growth numbers among that same group

Finally, at the end of last year, Facebook reported a massive change to their algorithm which could have the potential to significantly impact the reach of business pages

All those things combined have lead multiple clients to reach out and ask, "Is Facebook dead?

We are confident in saying that, no, Facebook is not dead and it is not dying. Facebook is and always has been evolving. That's all it is. 

Sure, the numbers show that a key demo has been leaving Facebook lately, but our advice to our clients is quite simple: if your target audience is homeowners looking to sell their first home and move up, in no way does that matter to you. The Facebook / Instagram advertising platform is still the place for you to be active. 

Do not get caught up in the hyped-up news of the day. Is it relevant? Certainly. But it is only relevant in the wider lens of what your marketing strategy entails and how all these social networks and marketing channels connect together. 

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