Super Bowl Advertising Recap

As our team reflects on the Super Bowl commercials, the word “meh” comes to mind for all of us here at Sprout. There were a select few that stood out as pretty good with one of them being Amazon.

They haven’t been a big player in the Super Bowl commercial line-up in previous years, so maybe it was more of a surprise. But Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, and the other “Alexa voices” were great!

The NFL commercial with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham was another one that caught our eye. In fact, our co-founders were texting each other and each said at that moment that it was the best ad of the night!

With a size-able investment from all of these advertisers (above $5 million), it is a shame so many of the ads felt forced.

In the pregame, there was an advertisement for GEICO using underwater animals wearing t-shirts. It was a funny ad for GEICO. It would have been an even funnier and effective ad for a t-shirt company looking to break through.

This is a moment, the Super Bowl, to engage an audience eager for a creative message.

The last ad that resonated with our team came from Toyota. They had two ads which stood out:

Overall, the ads missed. All companies have to do -- whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a small business -- is create content which engages and connects with your audience. Everything else is just noise.