The Latest Social Media Stats

According to the Pew Research Center, a majority of Americans use Facebook and YouTube, but young adults are especially heavy users of Snapchat and Instagram.

After reviewing the data, we wanted to give you our thoughts on the state of social media.

Q: Where does Facebook go from here? 

Richard: They have a lot of work to do to calm user's fears about personal data. Personal data is nothing new to Facebook. The minute users sign up, Facebook is gathering data about you. This is why the platform became so valuable to advertisers. But they need to spend the next 12-18 months being very public about their efforts to combat political interference and to ensure data and personal security. This is something that Sprout Media will continue to watch very closely to ensure our client's are protected; as are their customers. 

Adam: Facebook has a lot of work to do. It's one thing to have a situation and lose some everyday users, but when well known users (Elon Musk, Cher, Jim Carrey, and Will Farrell) start to delete the app and their account, that's when things start to snowball. The next few weeks and months will be a big time for Facebook. 

Q: What will be the next break-out social network? 

Richard: This is hard to answer due to the uniqueness of each network. But if I had to say, it would either be Instagram or Snapchat. Instagram because their user-base is very strong and everyone already loves it and Snapchat because they still have the ability to make awesome changes to their app. My fear with Snapchat is that they have been around long enough to have allowed people to form opinions on the app itself which makes growth more difficult over time. 

Adam: Generally speaking I think Snapchat will make a huge comeback in 2018. With all the negative backlash about the update and losing users, I think they are going to make some drastic changes to win some of those users back. Another network that I have been paying attention to recently is Vero. They had a great couple of days of downloads, but then sort of fell off the map. I'm interested in seeing where they go from here. 

Q: Why does this matter for marketers? 

Richard: Data always matter for marketers. When we pitch a new client or are working with one on a longer-term project, data speaks volumes. Part of our marketing thesis is to take our clients to where the attention is for their target market; and the data informs that conversation and those decisions. 

Adam: Marketing is two things: utilizing the avenues that work for your business and hopefully being an early adopter of something not a lot of businesses are using and gaining an upper-hand on the competition. Snapchat is widely used by consumers and businesses already, but I think they are going to have to add to their offerings to win back some of their users. Businesses that capitalize on these new features will have the opportunity to gain more market share.