Marketing is All About Being Present

On one of our recent podcasts, Adam and I (the co-founders of Sprout Media), we got to talking about our thesis as a marketing agency in Des Moines, Iowa, and how we approach all our clients. 

The summary: Marketing is all about being present. 

It's actually really quite simple. 

First, go with the $1.80 strategy. It means being active on social media and jumping into relevant conversations on social media that you want to be known for. This is an "old" strategy, but it still works. It's not old. In fact, it is still rarely done. 

Second, local always wins. Instagram is a great platform to engage locally. What that means is if you're a golf course, for example, you can search for people who post a photo and tag your course, or who are down the street at the local pub, and engage with them. Show them you're engaged, passionate, and there. That love and respect for potential and actual customers goes a long way to building long-term relationships. 

Third, the idea of being present is still an outside thought to many companies we talk with and those that approach us as a creative agency. Would you ever do business with a company who never answered their phones or who never actually took your order as you waited in line. The same thing goes for online media. You have to be present in all the conversations and responsive to every question and comment. An online customer (or prospect) is just as hot and valuable as one who is waiting in line or shopping in your store.