Zucks and the Future of Facebook

This year has been crazy for Facebook. 

They have had a bit of a data and trust crisis, but we here at Sprout Media are still "all in" on Facebook. Their data model is still strong. Their advertising system is robust and in the top-tier in terms of usability, ROI, and reach. And all in all, their audience is still massive. 

But what does the recent acknowledgment of data-abuse mean for Facebook? 

One thing to note in terms of how Sprout Media advises our clients use Facebook and Facebook Pages for business: We do not develop Facebook-based applications, and therefore, our clients are never at risk of data-abuse. We use Facebook as a channel to engage your fans and customers, promote sales, and grow your business. That's it. 

So, what is the future of Facebook? 

Facebook still has tremendous value. Usage of Facebook has not slowed down. We will continue to think strategically about how best to use Facebook for all of our clients; that won't change. 

We are going to eagerly watch what Facebook does in the coming months to ensure our clients are protected and that engagement remains at the same level and we can promise all our friends and clients that we will always provide the best recommendations we can for their specific and unique business goals.