How Businesses Can Engage Current Customers

Fact: it is easier to have past customers purchase again than it is to have a new customer make a first-time purchase. It is also less costly for you to have a former customer buy again. 

According to RelationClientMag, "the average basket of an existing customer is 15-25% higher" when compared the the purchase sizes of brand new customers. We all know that to be true. When you are new to a business, you spend a bit less because you're not sure of it. 

You don't know how the clothes fits, how the food tastes, or how much you're going to like the way the car rides. But once you do know, and if you're happy, it changes and you spend more the next time. 

So what does that mean for business marketing? 

  1. It means when you get a new customer, you need to have a plan for how to cultivate them. 
  2. It means that when you make that engagement with a new customer, you find a way to bring them back. Sometimes that can mean a discount, a free small product when they come in the next time, or anything special and unique. 
  3. It means your customer service always has to be top-notch.
  4. And finally, it means this process never ends. Ever. 

Marketing and customer service is a never ending process. At Sprout, we are always changing and updating strategies based on market conditions and feedback from customers. 

One thing that is always true is that customers speak with their wallets; and when you have a happy customer, it's your prime moment to make them a loyal customer.