What the Updates to Google Ads Means For Your Business

A few weeks ago, Google Ads announced some great enhancements to their advertising platform. We took some time as a team to talk about what these changes mean for our clients and for those of you reading our blog. Here are our big take aways.  

New Text Ads

Artificial intelligence (AI) has finally come to Google. Not only can you use your Google Home device and say, “Hey Google …” advertisers can now get smarter with how they present ads to customers. Coming soon, advertisers will have the ability to write 15 headlines (our copywriter is chomping at the bit) and four description lines and let Google Machine Learning create unique ads on the fly based on the searchers intent.

Here’s the cool part: If someone searches, “downtown apartments,” two users may see two different ad combinations due to their device.

Mobile Matters

While this isn’t news, Google is going to start to score mobile page speed. This score will reflect mobile load speeds and also compare to conversion rates of those pages. This will also connect to Google Analytics to track users across devices to ensure an accurate score.


This isn’t related to Search, but we recently called Google to get some insights into this issue. They confirmed that they will still show your ads if your website doesn't have the "s", but it will likely change in the future. It is just a matter of time. 

What does this mean? 

It is important to keep your website high-quality and write good, quality ads. Google is going to keep rewarding creative ad copy that drives users exactly where they want to go.