Boosting Facebook Posts 101

If you've ever hit the boost post option on Facebook, stop and read this post right now.

As a company, we do not allow our team to ever hit that button and the reason is simple:

The customization options via the boost post options are limited and not strategic and we don't do anything for our clients that isn't strategic.

If you have checked out the Facebook Boost Post option, there are some fun and unique tactics they have added over the past few weeks.

  • Motion to pictures

  • Audience targeting

  • Better budget settings

But here is the real reason behind us not using the Facebook boost option. It misses too many opportunities.

For instance, Facebook advertising inside the Business Manager provides more than 17 different and unique marketing objectives. Everything from traffic to branding to engagement to video views and boosting a post only focuses on a few of these objectives.

Much like our engagement path we use with all our clients, Facebook operates under three primary objectives

  • Awareness: Objectives that generate interest in your product or service.

  • Consideration: Objectives that get people to start thinking about your business and look for more information about it.

  • Conversions: Objectives that encourage people interested in your business to purchase or use your product or service.

Marketing Strategy

When you boost your post with the limited targeting, it's harder to focus on these objectives. And it's hard to manage them, see their progress and the outcomes of the various campaigns.

In fact, we recently ran an eCommerce Facebook campaign which garnered a return on investment of 718%. It's all because we are strategic and smart with any and all advertising campaigns we run for our clients; and why we don't recommend you use the boost option either.