How to Have a Productive Marketing Workshop

If our team has learned one thing in working with a wide-variety of clients across the country, it’s that building a marketing strategy is a complicated and often-times messy process.

Building and creating marketing strategies is complicated because of all the moving parts to any good strategy.

It’s messy because oftentimes when we begin working on a strategy for a client, we are navigating a history of plans and personalities.

But when we pull back the blinders, the challenges, and the landmines, creating a marketing strategy is the fun part.

Our approach is to these challenges is called, SMarketing. We came up with the name because we didn’t want to tall our work “brainstorming” or just plain ‘ol strategy. It is more than that.

We want to build smart marketing plans. Thus, SMarketing.

Our Smarketing Session is an in-depth workshop which yields deep insights into a businesses past and present opportunities for improvement, growth, and strategic engagement inside and outside of a business.

We ask key stakeholders play a role in our session because our team, including our CEO, will be there to discuss and share everything we’ve learned from working with clients large and small in an effort to educate teams and lay the groundwork for a successful plan.