How to Use LinkedIn For Your Business

Linkedin is the most forgotten about about social network for business owners. Until now, there was good reason to forget about it if you were looking to market to your target customer base. That is until now!

LinkedIn boasts 260 million daily users and 154 million in the US alone. With those numbers, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore it. There are several newly updated features that you should know about as reason to get moving on your LinkedIn marketing and business strategy

  • Content Suggestions: Like many other social networks, the use of hashtags can be a great way to reach customers. LinkedIn users can now follow the hashtags that interest them the most. They will be able to search for these and get notifications about them as well so be sure to use them in your posts on your personal and business pages.

  • Sponsored InMails and Content: LinkedIn will now allow “Pages” (formerly called Company Pages) to sponsor content and InMails. The sponsored content will be shown in the targeted groups Home feed and the sponsored InMails will be sent directly to the user just as a InMail from someone who is connection would.

There is a constant battle with trying to find different ways to get in front of your customer. While these features are still untested, we believe, if used right, could be a big advantage for your business.