How to Execute Live Event Marketing and Activation in 2019

Live event marketing in 2019 can be complicated and time-consumer, but for attendees of the event (as well as remote fans) it is a vital piece of event marketing strategy.

We have covered this concept in our web show and one of our podcasts, but event marketing is ever-changing. Whether it is a major sporting event like the US Open Tennis Championships, music concerts, NCAA Basketball Tournament weekends, or just every-day events, live event marketing has a ton of opportunities (and many of them missed).

Live Platform Engagement

Facebook is terrible for live event marketing. The only tool they have that works for live events is Facebook Live. Awards shows have done a good job of using this feature, but otherwise, it is difficult. Facebook Stories is still underused by consumers which offers a small opportunity for events to target and take advantage of.

The best platforms for live engagement is Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Take a look at your target audience and the types of content people may post, and mesh your strategies with them.

Customer Service

If you’re on social media for any live event, you have to have a strategy for live event customer support. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing an event is active on Twitter and they don’t respond to attendee questions. I had to push the US Open to change their strategy in 2014 to allow our team to answer fan questions about tickets, scheduling, and weather-related delays. The fans will notice, and appreciate it.

Understand The Audience

What do they really want? Do they want the event to Retweet them, Like them, or just sit back and relax? That piece also has to be a part of your strategy of which platforms to use and why.

Provide Unique Access

Use each platform to provide different pieces of unique content. For instance, use Instagram for behind the scenes pics and short videos. Use Facebook stories for Q & As with the celebrities at the event. And use Twitter to engage with fans and their content.

Live events offer a unique opportunity to engage and further the connection to your brand. The event itself is no longer enough.