How a Real Estate Agent Should Market Their Services

Are you a real estate agent? Do you work at a brokerage and want to set yourself apart?

In the competitive world of real estate buying and selling, it is vital for agents to set themselves apart.

Buying a home is likely the most expensive and stressful purchase anyone will ever make. The agents need to understand that. And business is competitive.

So when people decide to work with an agent, it is a very personal decision.

So, the key question is:

How do real estate agents become and stay relevant in a competitive field?

There are really three things agents need to do to stand out. Three things and nothing else.

  • Be active online. This means a lot of things; posting multiple times a day, engaging, asking questions, and being an area resource. And when we say post online multiple times a day, it’s not (repeat, NOT) just posting listings over and over again. It is meant to showcase your life, your personality, and your passion for your community.

  • Be an expert. Not a know-it-all, but an expert in the space. Be an expert on your community. Talk about the things going on, what’s happening, what’s happened. When you’re the expert, people pay attention.

  • Care. This one can’t be taught … but it is free. My parents’ agent sold them their house nearly 30 years ago and he always stayed in touch with them. He came to our graduation parties and said hi anytime he ran into my parents. They never moved or sold, but that level of caring is priceless.