Are you a Chiropractor? Use digital marketing to your advantage

If you are a chiropractor who just wants more customers through your door and in your book of business, you need to be focused on digital marketing. But chances are, you are too busy to do it and do it well.

The challenge many chiropractors come into is that people don’t typically come in when things are good. Just like auto mechanics or hospitals. So, you need to find ways to provide value even when people don’t feel like they need you.

But, we recognize the need to have patients through the door! Marketing for chiropractors is a two-pronged approach.

So, the key question we try to answer for our chiropractor clients, and other service-related businesses is simple:

How do I get new customers and retain the ones I have?

How to get new customers:

  • Utilize Facebook Lead Ads: These ads are rarely used but are incredibly effective. And it makes for easy follow-up.

  • Super-target and super-charge your Google strategy: This will take a little investment, but when someone in your area types, “I hurt my back” into Google, you want to be the one to come up with a free consultation promotion!

How to keep the customers you have:

  • Be a resource: Always be sharing valuable information about spinal health, but also general wellness. If your clients see value from you when they don’t need it, they are more likely to either (a) come back sooner, or (b) provide a recommendation.

  • Set up text message marketing: There are a few reasons to set this up. First, if you have openings, you can text your customer database saying you have openings. Second, you can give healthy living tips when they come to you. And third, you can provide timely care opportunities (like when there is a snow storm and people are more likely to have hurt their backs from falling or shoveling).