9 Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Consumers looking for legal services and advice typically come when they need it. And when they don’t, you need to find ways to provide value. That’s the key to building and sustaining your legal business.

These nine marketing tips are meant to inspire your creativity and get your marketing going in the right direction.

  1. Get on social media (and if you are on platforms, be active). The worst thing you can do is open a Facebook or Instagram account, put out a few pieces of content, get some fans, and walk away. That’s paramount to getting a phone number, and never answering the phone. Start a few accounts and stay active.

  2. Get a website and make it easy to submit inquiries. It needs to be uber-simple for your prospects to submit inquiries to you. (Hint: you’ll be glad you did.)

  3. Put a blog on your website. The same rules apply to your website as your social media. When you put up a blog, you need to stay active and provide insight and leadership to your readers.

  4. Build a content strategy. As you write blogs and put out social content, then you need to develop a plan for how to use it.

  5. Offer free information & consultations. Aside from your blog and social content giving away free information, give your time to prospects as well. When you give, give, give, you will get more in return.

  6. Know and share what makes you unique. A lot of times this is called your Unique Selling Proposition, or USP. Make sure your audience knows why you and whats makes you the best to give the information and insights you’re sharing.

  7. Thought it all, make yourself a thought leader. You’re the expert. Share that. Make sure people understand how and why you are the expert and that you’re giving them value.

  8. Advertising, strategically. This doesn’t mean you’re just throwing money at Facebook, Google, and Twitter. It means knowing where your audience is and what they are looking for.

  9. Ultimately, know your target market! You know who your likely clients are and that is who you should target. Take a look at the chart below:

Social Media User Penetration

Source: https://sproutsocial.com/insights/new-social-media-demographics/

Ultimately, there is tremendous opportunities to connect with your audience and provide value … which can and will grow your business.