The Power of Online Customer Service

Back in February, I had to take a very important personal trip. I was heading to Arizona with my husband to adopt my daughter. Among all the stress that comes with a newborn, after spending two weeks in a friend’s home living out of a suitcase, we were given the green-light to come home.

Cue a new kind of stress: Making last minute travel plans.

I immediately contacted our rental car agency, Alamo, about changing our reservation. I did this via Twitter. They asked me to send a private message and they would look into my reservation. They did and told me to just return it early and my early return would amount to a lesser charge. This was all nice, was easy, and done within two hours. And I didn’t have to wait on hold on the phone while trying to care for my daughter.

Next was our flight home via Southwest Airlines. I also sent them a Twitter note asking what I needed to do to get our daughter added to our ticket. They responded nearly immediately and within an hour, she had been added to our ticket.

Simple. Done. That’s how customer service should be.

Now, why am I, the CEO of Sprout Media writing this on Tuesday morning on the company blog?

Because my family will travel to San Diego next month for a U.S. Marine Graduation and while we did not end up choosing Southwest (we were too late to the booking period for the dates we needed), but we did book our car with Alamo. They both earned our business and I’m happy to share that with our readers.

The lesson: Customer service matters. And that includes listening on social media.