The One Thing You Shouldn't Forget in Your Marketing Plan: Audio Listeners

When is the last time you thought about audio marketing? We all get into our cars and turn on the radio, or get to the office or home and turn on Spotify, Pandora, or Amazon Music. But have you thought about the power of audio ads?

If you haven’t, you’re missing out.

169 Million

That’s how many people are weekly online audio listeners. While it is not Facebook-size, it’s a massive audience that has yet to be tapped. Try this on: 60% of the 12+ age group streams weekly.

Podcasts Are Only Going to Grow

Sprout Media has been podcasting for nearly two years, and more and more are popping up each day. We now are the executive producers on other podcasts, with more on the way! Listeners consume an average of seven podcasts a week.

Time Spent Continues to Climb

Media consumption is always changing; and in the last year, online audio usage has increased by three-hours per listener. That is a massive increase … with room to grow!

Don’t miss this easy win.