Case Study: Toby Lightman

Music Marketing Toby Lightman


Former Billboard Top 100 artist Toby Lightman came to Sprout Media in late 2018 to build a plan to engage her audience and support the launch of her sixth full-length album (after taking a break to have her first baby). This record, produced and recorded by Lightman was a collection of acoustic versions of songs from the 50s/60s/70s like Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, Marvin Gaye’s How Sweet It Is, and The Beatles’ Blackbird. The focus track of the album is Sam Cooke’s, (What A) Wonderful World.


With so much time between albums, we took a long-tail approach to promoting the album. For the first three months, we focused on re-engaging her audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, while also enhancing her e-mail program. This included creating a VIP fan program named, “Team Toby.”

Our team engaged media outlets, bloggers, and podcasters, while also focusing on fan engagement across social media.

Additionally, we created a Tunespeak campaign, various fan giveaways, and unique engagement opportunities for fans.


Over the course of nine months, we supported increased Spotify music plays and saves, increased e-mail sign-ups, and drove significant engagement on social media due to our creative content strategy as well as our content consulting directly with Lightman.

  • Produced a 9.27% Facebook engagement rate

  • 333,024 organic social media impressions

  • VIP Member E-Mail Open Rate of 57.5%

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