How to Communicate With Baby Boomers

Looking to communicate and engage with Baby Boomers? Don’t just look to traditional television and print newspapers. Boomers are online. They are engaged. And they are accessible. Are you ready?

Baby Boomers on Facebook

It’s true. As a percentage of total users, Baby Boomers are a larger Facebook population than the 13-17 year old demographic. And on Facebook, Boomers are engaged; actively. A Google and Ipsos study reported that not only do 55 percent follow a group or organization on Facebook, but, 40% post and watch videos while online. Those same Boomers (40%) share information about causes that are important to them.

Other Social Media Platforms

Surprisingly, Twitter is not a favorite among Boomers. There is just too much information. Instagram also ins’t a strong place to find Boomers as only 8% of U.S. Instagram users are Boomers.

Content is King

We all see it, but it’s true. Baby Boomers love creating social content. In fact, they are 19% more likely than any other generational demographic to share content online.

Creating a marketing strategy requires you to think about your target audiences and why drives and inspires them. That’s where we come in.