How to Use HotJar for Your Websites

Picture this: You’re in a meeting and someone asks, “How do people use our website?” And you don’t know the actual answer. Sure, you have Google Analytics data — which is valuable — but you don’t know how they get around and what links and images catch their attention.

HotJar is one of the market’s leading website insights tool with free and paid versions. And it provides invaluable information into how users actually interact with your site.

Question: What happens when a user lands on my homepage?

Great question with no easy answer. With Google Analytics you can see what your bounce rate is, what your time on site, engagement metrics (if you have set up Google Event Tracking), and other high-level insights. But what Google Analytics won’t tell you is what someone saw. Did they mouse over every link? Did they click the first thing they saw?

Website Heat Map

That’s where a tool like HotJar comes in.

Question: What is a website heat-map?

A website heat-map is an image of engagement. It is a snapshot of where on your webpage people clicked. Not just the link, but where on the link. This data is incredibly valuable when thinking about navigation, menu structure, and images and buttons. You want the user to be able to find what they are looking for as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Question: How can I see what people do on my website?

Measure Website Engagement

And that is where this element comes in handy: anonymous video. This video from HotJar tracks a users mouse as they traverse your website. You will see what they did and what they saw. For instance, you’ll see if they knew exactly where to click or if they hovered and read and then clicked or couldn’t find what they were looking for. It is incredibly insightful to take the heat-map insights and layer them with this video to truly understand a user’s journey and make UX improvements.

And that’s our job at Sprout: look at the insights and make informed recommendations on ways to improve your customer’s experience with you.