Case Study: Purple Dragon PAC

Political Branding Creative

“Sprout was incredibly easy to work with in designing my first website. Save yourself the time, and go to Sprout from the start. I made an obviously amateur site. Now I have the website I wanted – easy on the eyes with simple navigation that will give the professional and straightforward image to reflect our values. Sprout will give you the foundation you need to make it easy for your viewers and customers to explore your organization.”

Jordan Michael True, Founder, U.S. Navy Veteran


Jordan brought in Sprout Media after his Political Action Committee had already been formed and a website built. He needed a well-designed logo and modifications and updates to his website.


We met with Jordan and gained a deep understanding Purple Dragon PAC’s vision, mission, and reason for being. From there, we researched the best color palette and fonts to drive that message forward. The final state of design was updating the Purple Dragon PAC website to connect with the brand and be easy to use and navigate.


Purple Dragon PAC